20 Lakh People Of TS and AP States Change the Address in Aadhar Card

The new formed Telugu States Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have shown up enormous growth in the application for the address change in aadhar Card. According to the sources of the UIDAI or Aadhar Card , 8 Lakh card holders from Telangana State and 12 Lakh People from Andhra pradesh State have Applied for the Aadhar Card Address change .

Changes made in Aadhar Card :

As there will be regular applications for the change of surname in Aadhar card after the woman get married , also the Aadhar card Address change application being flood to the uidai states in past year . The increase in the address changes is due to the Government jobs announcement where the local or Telangana will have more opportunity then the other state ones . Some people living in Hyderabad but have there  Aadhar card address stating in their villages in AP , but after the bifurcation they need to compulsory have to choose a specific address , so most of them choosing to have the TS address as there is a Govt. Job Mela going on.

Aadhar Card Head Speaks as below :

Mr Ram Reddy said, “In NREGA around 1.2 crore authentications are done every month by AP. In civil supplies department, pensions scheme implementation to lakhs of beneficiaries are authenticated by the State government authorities.”
He said that for address or any other changes required documents have to be uploaded online or may be submitted at enrollment centres.

So for any further reference in the aadhar card address change can visit to the site www.uidai.gov.in

Best Telugu Daily Published in Mumbai : EENADU

EENADU Telugu Newspaper is the Telugu newspaper which is being published simultaneously from from different cities likes Hyderabad , Nizamabad, Adilabad, KarimNagar and many other town in AndhraPradesh. The newspaper in Telugu is also being published from our city Mumbai. So we will talk about the best newspaper in the Telugu i.e Eenadu.

Eenadu Epaper most read epaper :

The Eenadu newspaper is the most read newspaper in the Mumbai city also this is the most read newspaper in Telugu on web i.e in the format of epaper . So Eenadu Epaper is the good web epaper which as all the columns in it . So if you want to read this epaper just go login into the eenadu.epaper.net .

eenadu epaper

All the newspapers are published in the Mumbai in different languages and you can get all types per minimum 3 rs to magazines with 1000 rs , but now its time for the digitization i.e can read the digital newspaper called the Epaper which allows you to read the for free and browse and read all the editions published every where in India. The Special editions are also being read there in the Epaper . So if you want to read the Eenadu Epaper: http://www.alltechserv.com/eenadu-epaper-www-eenaduepaper-net-newspaper-classifieds-sunday-magazine/

All other Epapers published in India :

The all other epapers are

Sakshi Epaper , Eenadu Epaper, Hindu Epaper, Deccan Chronicle Epaper ,Times of India(TOI) Epaper are some of the few other top epapers available in the India. So can read all the Epapers online for free of cost if you have the net balance in your Smartphone or Iphones etc .

Change your Twitter Account Password

Twitter Account Password Change :

How many of you are the users of the 140 characters post social media platform . What is the 140 Characters ? I know you are struck with the question and by now you have an answer in your mind , i.e Twitter allows you to tweet only 140 characters in a tweet and exactly its just of 140 characters . Then Re tweet , how many of you know about this .. , ya i know you have the Answer .. its sharing the Tweet of a person you follow and you like the tweet he posted . So then how to change Twitter Password .. ya i think now you are struck .. yes how to change a twitter account password . First of of Why to change a Account password.

change twitter password

Why to Change Twitter Password :

This is the good question and silly question .. because we can change twitter account password as frequent as you can because it helps you to keep away from the hacking and being opened or exposed to other cyber experts who want to access . So Twitter Password Change  is good , but you may say that i am comfortable with my password since an year and not at all changed till now.

Tips of Password Change in Twitter :

Good to know know you want to change a password of your account ..so here are few tips ..

  • Password size minimum 8 characters and above
  • Capital letter and Small letters
  • Numbers and Alpha Numerical

These are the simple tips to have a good password and strong one . Best way is to not say your password to anyone